Erickson Law is pleased to offer the following services:

» Gestational Surrogacy
» Traditional Surrogacy
» Egg Donation
» Embryo Donation
» Establishment of Parental Rights/Parental Judgments
» Passports for International Newborns
» Apostilled Documents
» Co-Parent Adoptions/Co-Parenting Agreements
» Healthcare Durable Powers of Attorney

After you have determined that you are going to create your family through assisted reproduction, you must ask the following questions of your agency and your attorney:

» What do I need to do to get my name on my baby’s birth certificate?
» Does my surrogacy and/or egg donation contract protect me and my baby?
» Can my surrogate or egg donor change her mind? And, is surrogacy legal where my surrogate   lives or where my baby will be born?
» Does my surrogate have appropriate medical insurance, and do I have adequate coverage for my baby?
» Is the money for my surrogate or egg donor in a protected account? Is it being managed to protect all parties?